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If you are unsure where to begin, these guidelines will help. In any case, contact me and we will discuss your interests.

Physical or Spiritual?
     • Begin where your interest lies. Some people specifically want
. Some are particularly interested in an intuitive reading.
     • As you read through offerings available, what piques your
         curiosity the most?
     • What is your most pressing reason for coming? For improvement
         of movement or tissues, check out Physical offerings; for existential
         questions of life purpose and meaning, a desire for deeper
         connection, check out Spiritual offerings.
     • Is a particular area easiest for you? Are you athletic or do you
         have an affinity for the ethereal, or both?
     • Where we begin simply means choosing a doorway. Often, the
         “physical” and “spiritual” are one and the same, and each level
         can be addressed directly or indirectly, automatically or by choice.

Privates or Classes?
     • Some people prefer the privacy and attention of individual sessions.
         Some prefer being part of a group in a class. Some choose to take
         advantage of both.
         Benefit of private work: The session is focused on your unique
         interests and needs; you have privacy in which to experience and
         process; my observation and facilitation is focused solely on you.
         Benefit of classes: The “Group Mind” supports everyone’s focus;
         hearing others’ experiences (when appropriate) can shed light on
          your own; you truly do all of the “work” yourself.
     • If you have a specific injury or movement challenge, privates are
         usually the way to start
     • If you are new to Feldenkrais & body work, start either with privates
         or I will meet with you before your first class to go over some pointers



“This work is really transforming and
great for anyone with ANY body
issues--injuries, alignment problems, overworked anything. It teaches you to be easy and graceful WITHOUT trying. What??? Yes!!!”
~Workshop participant


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