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Our physicality is intertwined with and inseparable from our spirituality; all aspects of ourselves are intertwined (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.).

     • “You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual
             being immersed in a human experience.” ~Teilhard de Chardin
              • Being human is not separate from being divine.

     • We cannot affect one part without affecting the whole.
              • A limb, a shoulder, a vertebra
              • A body system
              • A thought or belief
              • Like a tensegrity model

     • “I believe that the unity of mind and body is an objective reality. They are not just parts somehow related
             to each other, but an inseparable whole while functioning. A brain without a body could not think.”
            ~ Moshe Feldenkrais

Everyone has an abundance of internal wisdom and can learn how to help themselves.

     • Living life to the fullest and healthiest is about possibilities and choice, rather than a “right” way.

     • Ease and efficiency are innate; struggle is acquired. What appears to be dis-ease now was likely at
            some point useful and chosen; it is now a matter of identifying what is no longer of service and
            resurfacing the underlying wisdom.

     • We are all ultimately in harmony with the design of nature. We can reconnect with this internal wisdom.

     • Ultimately, you are responsible for you.

     • Everyone can learn, and at any age. Learning can be learned.

     • We can affect our internal and external world: our health, relationships, life situations, states of being.

     • “ . . . there is nothing permanent or compulsive in your system except what you believe to be so.”
            ~ Moshe Feldenkrais, The Elusive Obvious

Health is not a thing that we eventually obtain, but an ongoing life journeying. I would rename it “healthing.” Full health(ing) is a journey of embodiment and self-actualization, or the realization of one’s potentials, of all aspects of oneself.

     • With each step of our life journey that we embrace, we not only live (survive), but we have the chance to evolve.

     • When we fully embody ourselves, we stand in unity and community more effectively. World peace starts
           with inner peace—it isn’t about changing our neighbors, but evolving ourselves.

     • “Well-being” = efficient functioning, energy, experiencing and assimilating, the permeation of
            Spirit/Divine in all things, self-acceptance, and internal authority.

Relationships of all kinds are a key to well-being. Relationship: the way in which two concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.

  • Relationships include: to self, to Divine (Spirit/Universe/God/life-force energy), to others, to the
           physical environment; body systems to each other, bones to other bones, cells to other cells;
           thoughts to actions; beliefs to physical situations.

     • Interconnections: Everyone is connected to an unlimited source of love, abundance, and nourishment.
           All living things are connected to all living things. The universe listens and responds to us, and we
           respond to it.

     • Ongoing disease can be underlied by a disconnection of some sort.

     • We are many, but at the same time we are one.

     • Life can be richer, more meaningful, more free when we connect spiritual wisdom to our
           physical circumstances and when we connect with our support systems, both internal and external,
           Earthly and Heavenly.

     • Other people are mirrors for us, and “each one of us is Spirit’s channel for each other.” (J R Price)

A relationship with the Divine—or a connection with something bigger than ourselves of which we are a part—contributes to deeper experience and wholeness and invites within us a cycle of giving and receiving, participating and releasing.

    • There is no one way to access the Divine (Spirit, Universe, God, life-force energy). The Divine can
           be found within oneself, in nature, in God, in spiritual guides and helpers.

     • Spiritual experience is both personal (it fits into our being, our make-up, how we perceive
           ourselves and our experiences) and shared (in connections with others, in the group consciousness
           of society, in a feeling of oneness).

     • Recognizing the Divine within ourselves and within every other being and action helps us
           transcend limiting thoughts and beliefs.





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