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Entering Through the Spiritual Gateway
“You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.”                ~ Teilhard de Chardin

Your Self is a mixture of many aspects. Thoughts, feelings, and beliefs take form in the physical body, and the energy system is like a gateway between the seen (body, situations, ease or dis-ease) and the unseen (thoughts, spirit, psyche). When you enter a healing process through the spiritual gateway, you enter through the Big Picture. You take a high perspective and can see overarching patterns. You can see your soul’s strengths and how they will help you in your journey; and you can see areas where you can improve and would like guidance.

Benefit of private sessions
The session is focused on your unique interests and needs; you have privacy in which to experience and process; my observation and facilitation is focused solely on you.
 • Embodied Guidance
    Combo Intuitive Reading and Somatic Movement Education
 • Color & Sound Healing
    Uses color essences and tuning forks to facilitate healing via the
    chakra energy system
 • Past Life Healing Sessions
    For insight on your soul's past as it relates to current experiences
    and is ready for healing
 • General Intuitive Reading
    To cultivate change, healing, and rejuvenation with a holistic approach
 • Soul Life Intuitive Reading
    For soul-level insight about your purpose for this life and where you
    are at this time
 • Maximum Whole-Being Healing Package
    To cultivate change, healing, and rejuvenation with a holistic approach
 • Intuitive readings are available by phone for those far away.

Benefit of classes
The “Group Mind” can support everyone’s focus; hearing others’ experiences (when appropriate) can shed light on your own. You truly do the ‘work’ yourself.
Group Events, Classes, and Workshops:
 • Healing Sanctuaries
    Group meditation and private healing
 • Heart Journeys Group Meditation
    Guided meditation ‘adventures’ for receiving wisdom and guidance
 • Somatic Meditation
    Meditation through experiential learning and the mirroring of
    physiology and psyche
 • Nature Meditation Hikes
    Connect with Spirit through nature
 • Elemental Village Workshop
    Villains in your thought space?
 • Maximum Whole-Being Healing Package
    To cultivate change, healing, and rejuvenation with a holistic approach
 • Many people also find Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement
   classes meditative

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