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Somatic Movement Education Welcome Package, 2 sessions, $115
All new clients for Body-level work start here. The first session involves information-gathering and assessment, both verbal and through touch/movement. The second session is either Somatic Movement Education or Embodied Guidance. The two sessions together allow me to gather all information needed in order to determine the best direction to go in, of course with your input and interests in mind. 50-75 minutes each.

Somatic Movement Education, $65 single session, $180 Series of 3
For improving movement and increasing function; for restoring integrity of injured or dis-eased tissues; for discovering physical-emotional-psychological connections. The word somatic comes from the Greek word soma, meaning body. According to your interests, these sessions draw from the Feldenkrais Method® and Embodiment work, including experiential anatomy, gentle non-invasive touch and movement patterning for all body systems, and developmental movement re-education. See Feldenkrais and Embodiment pages for more information. 50-75 min. Our physicality is intertwined with and inseparable from our spirituality; all aspects of ourselves are intertwined (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.).

Somatic Movement Education for Infants, $50
For infants showing use of only one side in movement or developmental delays, who have been adopted (to help the family with the bonding process), or who are healthy and whose parents want to learn more about their development. 45 to 60 min.

Embodied Guidance, $65, can be included in above Series of 3
To make spiritual guidance tangible. Includes a short intuitive reading that focuses on your strengths, followed by relevant touch or movement somatic work. Good for linking the physical and the spiritual very directly. 60-75 min.

Color & Sound Healing, $90 Experience peace of mind, body, and spirit; strengthen your connection with Spirit; know your spiritual support in a deeper way; gain understanding about why conditions of dis-ease have manifested. A beautiful divine sensory experience, works with the body's energy centers through my use of color essences and tuning forks. Please wear white. 75-90 minutes. (link to page)

Past Life Healing Session, Series of 3 recommended, $420 ; 1 session $165 For insight on your soul's past experiences, as they relate to current learnings and are ready for healing. Helpful to gain understanding about repeating patterns in your life (relationships, health, etc); fears, including those that seem to have no explanation; your soul’s continued path of consciousness, and easing a fear of death. 2 1/2 to 3 hours each. (link to page)

General Intuitive Reading, $60 When you need to know that you know--for general guidance and confirmation from Spirit. Can include specific areas of inquiry to be addressed in an open manner. Done through an intuitive art method. 50-60 min. (link to page)

Soul Life Intuitive Reading, $60 For soul-level insight about your purpose and learnings for this lifetime and where you are at this time. Using symbolic imagery that you can relate to, the session looks at each chakra energy center and addresses your abilities and strengths, blocks preventing expression of your highest nature, and significant related past lifetimes. Note, this is an intuitive reading through which to gain understanding, rather than a conversational guidance session. 60 min. (link to page)

Intuitive readings are available by phone for those far away

Maximum Whole-Being Healing Package to cultivate change, healing, and rejuvenation For those who want to renew, enhance, and heal their lives with an all-around approach. Ten sessions over a period of 10 to 16 weeks, this package addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual realms. It gives you the chance to make a commitment to yourself and work in partnership with my facilitation. Healing can happen instantaneously; but addressing all layers, shifting movement and thought habits, and developing new options can often take time.

Your interest and needs will determine the emphasis of the package: you may want more focus on improving movement and function or you may desire to strengthen the spiritual aspect of your life.

Increased comfort over a longer term, gauge how best to help yourself, pain management, more ease in life situations, a sense of purpose, increased connection and trust in yourself, peace of mind, a holistic perspective, and a feeling of wholeness This is truly a gift that will last a lifetime.

Introductory Review: discussion of your health/life concerns and interests; a review through gentle touch and movement of what’s working well and what’s inviting help.
     •Elemental Village: to identify any limiting beliefs and establish connection with inner wisdom and strengths;
       can be done in 1 longer or 2 shorter sessions. (link to Classes & Workshops)
     •2 Somatic Movement Education (SME) sessions (anchor to descrip above?)
     •5 sessions of your choice: SME, Embodied Guidance, Color & Sound, General Intuitive Reading, Soul Life Reading
     •A Somatic Meditation or Feldenkrais CD to support your process at home

Discounted Package Deal: $550 (Value: $750)
Consider the long-lasting benefits. Your empowerment is my mission. You will go home with tools you can use to help yourself during and beyond these 10 sessions.
To include Past Life Healing: substitute 3 “sessions of your choice” with a Past Life Healing Series of 3 for an additional $200

Why would I choose this package? You may be at a point in your life where you want to change something; or maybe a transition is happening unplanned and you want support. There may be something lingering, like an old pain or relational pattern, even though you have addressed it many times. Perhaps you’d like to boost healing around a specific issue. You feel stuck in a pattern and want to make a shift. You have a general feeling of “I don’t know.” Or maybe you wish not to dwell on what’s past, but to sincerely rejuvenate your life. Also, you may desire a truly holistic approach. Some types of health care, even “alternative,” specialize in addressing only pieces and parts. No one practitioner can do everything; but my intention is to truly look at the big picture and address the merged Self, which includes the spiritual dimension.

What’s the benefit of purchasing the package vs individual sessions?
This package has a more focused nature, with the intention of fostering and riding the energy that regular commitment builds and using it toward rejuvenation. Individual sessions are great at addressing what is going on for you in the moment. The 9 to 10 sessions in this package are like one huge session broken up into pieces. 10 individual sessions are like, well, 10 sessions. Also, with the package deal, I will be doing some behind-the-scenes work that is not included in regular sessions so that we address all facets of your interest as fully as possible.

If “spiritual” concerns you
If you don’t consider yourself a “spiritual” person, or the word conjures up distasteful concepts and childhood memories, don’t let that stop you! We will address the spiritual aspect in a way you can relate to and we will draw from resources within your own highest good.

Want to speak with someone who has done it?
I can provide you with contacts; just ask!

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