Saturday Oct. 3, ‘09
4:00 - 5:00 pm
My Heart & Blood
Music Together
Heart & Blood
Brain & Nerves
The 6 Senses
Eating System
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• First, email me

• Grown-ups participate with your child

• $20/workshop (for 1 child & 1 adult). Includes materials fee.

• Save your spot with a $10 deposit or full payment. Space is limited!

• For siblings: please inquire.


Why does my heart
beat fast when I run?

Aren’t my teeth bones?

Let’s answer those
questions and foster
a healthy self-image
at the same time!

This is an experience
that will last a lifetime!


Explore through creative movement, hands-on science models, stories, games, pictures, & crafts

Meet Huey the Skeleton!

Enrich daily conversations

Body awareness helps children build respect for their bodies & gives them language to communicate about themselves

Me and My Body’s intent is twofold:

To learn about the amazing human body

Preschoolers are already asking how and why; now is the time to ride that wave of curiosity! I do activities that address visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic learning styles. My experiential style leads them through a process of their own self-discovery. Me and My Body will enrich conversations with your children and help you answer those questions about how the body works!

To nurture a healthy self-image & respect for others

Exploring in fun and creative ways builds fascination about “me” and “us.” This foundation draws out young children’s innate respect for life and helps foster a positive self image!

Why is this important?

Many children grow up learning certain body taboos. They may hear loving adults around them saying “I’m too short/fat/wrinkled/_____.” The media offers challenging images of ‘the perfect body.’ The body may only be talked about when they get sick or hurt. Kids can get to know "body" as something that needs to be fixed, that brings disappointment. These attitudes can lead down the path of low self-esteem, eating disorders, drug use, obesity, peer pressure, and other concerns prevalent in our society.

Those are all learned behaviors--naturally, we are curious, learning, surviving, self-caring creatures. My passion is to enter before those behaviors set in; to capitalize on preschoolers' abounding curiosity and facilitate experiences that bring irresistible intrigue. They take ownership of themselves because they have begun an exploration process on their own terms. It is more personal than "the doctor told me so" or memorizing anatomy terms in a high school biology class. My body” becomes a part of “Me” that “I love.” Then when peer and societal pressures ensue down the road, this positive foundation opens up more potential for them to act according to an internal respect.

So why not explore those questions and usher them along a positive path of self-appreciation!

See us in action!
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From a 3-year-old several months after class
“Mommy, my brain goes all the way down to my fingertips!”

From a parent
“She wakes us up at 6 am on Saturday mornings excited about coming!”

From an Educator
“It is refreshing to read of Eliza Parker’s new teaching concept for 3 and 4 year olds. This method will ease children into a less confusing image of the importance of self and how the self grows into a positive person.”
- Deanna Schwartz, VA

From a Colleague
“I think this is an incredible age to tap into the curiosity that children have and develop awareness that may direct them in the care of themselves or in their future direction of education.”

“Me and My Body began out of my love for preschoolers & for teaching anatomy. But it has so many wonderful side effects - all those great things that happen when we learn about ourselves and become empowered. ~Eliza