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Entering Through the Physical Gateway
“The mind is like the wind, and the body is like the sand; if you want to know how the wind is blowing, look at the sand.”                ~ Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

To be human is to be physical. When you enter a healing process through the physical gateway, you start from a very tangible place. Physical pain and challenges provide valuable messages; they’re signposts that alert you to pay attention and let you know there’s an opportunity to make a shift in how you move, or even how you think. As manifestations, often, of your inner world of thoughts, feelings, decisions, and behaviors, physical conditions can reveal some over-arching life themes.

From the physical layer, healing on a holistic scheme may proceed indirectly or directly. Because movement, thought, and emotion are all neurologically inseparable in the brain, addressing body-level issues alone can have an automatic affect on the rest of your being. If you wish to gain further insight, you may choose to directly address other underpinnings that arise. Both approaches are beneficial.

Physical healing work can be done in private sessions and group classes. I use the Feldenkrais Method® and Embodiment work.

Benefit of private sessions
The session is focused on your unique interests and needs; you have privacy in which to experience and process; my observation and facilitation is focused solely on you.
 • Somatic Movement Education Welcome Package
    All new clients for Body-level work start here
 • Somatic Movement Education
    Utilizes the Feldenkrais Method® and Embodiment work for wellness in     movement/function and helping dis-eased tissues heal
 • Somatic Movement Education for Infants
 • Embodied Guidance Combo
    Intuitive Reading and Somatic Movement Education
 • Maximum Whole-Being Healing Package
    To cultivate change, healing, and rejuvenation with a holistic approach

Benefit of classes
The “Group Mind” supports everyone’s focus; hearing others’ experiences (when appropriate) can shed light on your own; you truly do all of the “work” yourself.
Group Events, Classes, and Workshops:
 • Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® classes
    For improving movement and function
 • Somatic Meditation
    Centering through experiential body learning
 • Periodic workshops
    Combine Feldenkrais and user-friendly anatomy

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Feldenkrais quote

“My experience with Eliza has made me realize that recovering my ability to walk again with ease can be achieved with small, gentle movements.
I am excited and thankful to have movement activities that wake up my bones and muscles to the fact that we have an exciting day ahead of us.”
~Sue Ann Cook



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