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Past Life Healing sessions are always done for the purposes of love and healing.

Does it ever seem like you get yourself out of a particular situation, only to find later that you ended up in it again? Or you experience a reaction that is larger than necessary for the situation at hand? Past Life Healing can be an enlightening foray into the depths of your consciousness and can address life challenges.

What to expect in a session:
You will be lying down comfortably and I will be like your tour guide. You are conscious–you don’t loose the power of voluntary action, but are in a deeply relaxed spiritual space inside yourself. You will be getting in touch with the eternal-you, not just the personality-you. The beginning is like a meditation through visualization as I lead you into the experience. Then we will explore your past life together, as you relay what you’re sensing and I ask you questions. I will also facilitate a process of receiving healing and love necessary in any aspect of yourself.

Why is a series of 3 sessions recommended?
In Past Life Healing sessions, we will look at what can be learned from the past lives, how they can inform your current experiences, and what can you do to improve your current situation. Three sessions help to identify patterns, allow you to go deeper, and help your healing process be full. However, if one session feels right for you, that is also welcome.

Did this past life really happen?
From my perspective, it doesn’t matter whether the experience “really happened” to you in the past or is a story or metaphor. Some people sense past lives as the experiences of their ancestors passed down through genes, cellular memory, and family stories. No matter which perception you choose, your Past Life Healing experience will come from your own soul, and you will gain insight and healing that is helpful for you at this time.



“In my past life sessions, you were like
a conductor of a symphony that I knew
but had forgotten.”
~ Client



Gain understanding about:
   - Fears/phobias that seem to have no
   - Repeating patterns (relationships, health,
     career, etc.)
   - Your soul’s path and continuing
Bring forth qualities and abilities from
   past lifetimes that can help you now
Address a fear of death, understand
   that death is not annihilation
Increase enjoyment of life; maintain
   responsibility, but release intense
   worry about getting everything perfect
   in this lifetime



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