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Intuitive Readings are always done for the purposes of love and healing.

Intuitive sessions involve identifying innate strengths that you can draw on, followed by whatever is helpful for you at the time, such as continued affirmation or direction and guidance. As I connect with Spirit to receive messages that will be helpful for you, the insights may consist of symbols, metaphors, visuals, or encouraging words.

       • Affirmation of your spiritual gifts
       • Spiritual insight about Earthly life
       • Confirmation and guidance–sometimes you just want to know that
         you know. Somewhere in your being you know your truth; but it can be
         challenging to filter out mind chatter and external messages.
       • Clarification from another source–this can be helpful when it is
         difficult to see the big picture from where you’re standing
       • Grounding and a sense of purpose
       • Expand your own inner guidance
       • A fun way to identify where to start with body work

       • For general guidance:
General Intuitive Reading. This can include
         specific areas of inquiry, but it is helpful to stay open because there
         may be something to address that you were not aware of before a
         specific question can be answered.
       • For questions about life purpose and blocks:
Soul Life Intuitive Reading
       • For a tangible connection between the spiritual and the physical:
Embodied Guidance
       • Intuitive readings are available by phone for those far away.





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