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I am a “how” and “why” life-experiencer. I like to wonder and explore. I continuously find not one “right” answer, but many. I get a thrill from the process of discovery.
I am also a tactile learner, needing to get my hands on or in something. Coming to dance as an adult in college, I learned technique through how's and why’s, unlike my classmates who grew up in a “just-because” mentality. I took a Functional Anatomy for Dancers class and fell in love with the brilliant architectural design of the human body.

In pursuit of a career in Dance, I began a Master's program. I soon realized that my how-and-why interest in human movement would be best pursued not through professional dance, but through methods of Somatic Education (experiential learning about the body and Self). I was also unconsciously magnetized toward this path by a need to understand my body, as I had always focused on intellectual and spiritual pursuits. 

So I headed to Northampton, MA for the 1000-hour Body-Mind Centering® practitioner training program. To further feed my hunger for this material, I added a 1000-hour Feldenkrais Method® practitioner training program. Highlights of somatic study for me included: an appreciation for different learning styles, a feeling of empowerment coming from knowing myself, new possibilities as I discovered internal resources, and healing of physical/emotional ailments through learning and awareness rather than by being ‘'fixed’' by another professional.
During this 'Body journey,' I set aside spiritual pursuits. I had previously delved into religious experiences so intensely that I burned out. I had made realizations about human experience and community that necessitated questioning certain habits of the groups of which I had been a part. These habits of perception and action, in my new perspective, encouraged a greater divide than a greater union. I had to take a break to refocus and rebalance.
Toward the end of  my somatic training, my spiritual nature found my physical nature. My strong connection with the Divine rose again to the forefront--my Spirit came forward to meet Body, not to replace it. I began noticing how I could help people in ways that would include both aspects (and not without the mental and emotional). That is, not as pieces making a whole like a puzzle, but as layers enmeshed together simultaneously, like cake batter. This is the basis of my perspective and work as a practitioner.

Through my wonderings, explorings, discomforts, and longings, I find tangible ways to live in both realms simultaneously, and my journey of internal union continues. We teach others what our own journey has been and what we need to learn ourselves. Embodying Union: it's my journey and my wish for you. 

Eliza Parker

Certifications & Training
The Feldenkrais Method®
Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionercm 
The Body-Mind Centering®Approach
Body-Mind Centering Practitioner. Includes additional study in Anatomy & Physiology, Kinesiology, and Counseling Skills
Delphi University & Spiritual Center
Spiritual Healer/Counselor & Intuitive,
Color & Sound Healing Practitioner
Eastwest Somatics Institute
Levels 1 and 2
Graduate work in Dance & Somatics at
Footnotes Tap Ensemble, Chapel Hill, NC




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