Because the spiritual vantage point gives a big-picture perspective, spiritual healing can encompass all levels of being and bring great understanding.

A Color & Sound Healing Session is a beautiful divine sensory experience. I work with your energy centers through the use of color essences, my voice, and tuning forks. These spinning energy centers are called chakras (wheel in Sanskrit, pronounced like “chocolate”) and are spread throughout the body. The body’s energy system is like a gateway between the seen (body, situations, ease or dis-ease) and the unseen (thoughts, Spirit). So, the chakras relate both to areas of the physical body and to aspects of life, such as creativity, love, personal expression, and connection with Spirit.

Why Color & Sound?
Have you ever noticed windows rattling because of a loud noise? Sound vibrations have an effect on physical matter and energy fields. Each chakra resonates with a particular musical tone and color. By applying sound with my voice and tuning forks, and color with essences and energy work, I can help your system find its own balancing and harmony. This can in turn make way for healing of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms.

What to expect in a session
You get to close your eyes and relax! This process will take you deep into your psyche. You may gain understanding about an illness or situation, or you may simply experience a deep meditative feeling while healing on various levels takes place. You will hear the Kadoish Hymn and the notes I chant, as well as the chiming of tuning forks. You will smell the scents of color pomanders. You may feel changes in your body, such as warmth, coolness, tingling, soothing, or differences in air pressure. You may see images or light in your mind or think of memories. It’s all part of the meeting of Spirit and Body!

Please wear white for your session.

Experiences & Testimonials

During the session, I felt very peaceful & calm, as if my physical/spiritual self had been lifted and transported! Peace, calming, solace, and clarity came about for me during my session. It enhanced a much-needed feeling of well-being and release from anxiety & self-doubt. The utilization of sound, essences, music, and chanting facilitated the transporting aspects of the entire experience.

Since the session, I have noticed a definite sense of inner calm - a reserve I've been able to tap into during some stressful days.

Susan Wong

Being introduced to Eliza's Color & Sound Healing Session was one of the most fascinating experiences of my life.

We all live in a fast paced world, with new challenges meeting us head-on, daily. How we cope and learn to overcome the harmful effects of negativity, or dis-ease, should be of utmost importance to us.

In the beginning of my session, Eliza gently lifted my head, and I knew that my head and all within it (mental and physical), was being lifted by 'holy hands.' There was no mistaking it.

Further along, a clear message came from within my spirit that said "I have never felt better since BEFORE I was born." It repeated itself softly to me, saying "Before I was born." I somehow felt the swishing and the safety of a mother's womb. Or, perhaps it was the womb of Universal Love; the complete protection of God.

If you are searching for the perfect place to find healing and "beautiful calm" ~ Eliza can guide you there. Thank you Eliza for sharing this truly amazing and life changing process.

"Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace." - Prince Gautama Siddhartha

Very Sincerely,
Helen Casteel, Golden, CO


I found the session to be very complete – it evoked my being. It brought my thoughts into my physical body and allowed an exchange between the two. I learned that my body responds to care and I can be quite intuitive about where I am and why I am.

It was very helpful in allowing me personal time to connect with myself on every level. I experienced an inner awareness of the parts of life that nurture me and encourage me. My session moved me into many visual images that awakened me to live well on my own terms in harmony with my higher purposes.

Mary Haack


I experienced God's/Christ’s presence and healing power to my heart that day. I felt Love and a direct connection to Heaven. It was part of a healing that I am experiencing relating to a "broken heart," in regards to an overwhelming issue in my life.

I feel much more peace, calm and strength now. The evening of the session I felt my energy field very strongly around my entire body, as though it had been awakened. I feel that I have been moved from a position of despair and sadness to one of love, caring, strength, and overall healing of my "broken heart."



Peace of mind, body, and spirit
Feel calm and refreshed with reduced
   stress and pain
Strengthen your connection with Spirit
Gain understanding about why   
   conditions of dis-harmony have
   manifested and receive healing
Know your spiritual support in a
   deeper way


“I am in a challenging time of change.
I gained new honoring of myself.
I felt compassion flow into me & beckon me to live in this moment with great respect for all that I am.”
~ Mary Haack


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