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Healing Sanctuary
This is a sacred space where you can connect with the Divine and receive wonderful healing Love and Light. Sanctuary facilitators are dedicated volunteers ready to serve you whether your healing needs are physical, emotional, or spiritual. You will experience a guided group meditation and a private healing session, offered without charge. Love offerings are optional.
     • Set your intentions about what you’d like to receive, in line with your
       highest good
     • Wear white for the Healing Sanctuary
     • Call or email to reserve a spot

Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® Classes
Awareness Through Movement lessons are done lying down, sitting, or standing. You will be verbally guided through cleverly designed sequences of movements. The movements are easy & gentle, but develop in a way that helps you discover new options for daily movement and function. Classes are enjoyed by people of all movement abilities.
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Somatic Meditation Classes & Workshops
The word somatic comes from the Greek word soma, meaning body. Your physiology offers much wisdom. With a little information and directed attention, you can access qualities found within your ‘soma’ that can help you center--qualities such as presence, flow, support, and nourishment. Here, science and spirit meet. Through tidbits of anatomy mixed with guided meditation in stillness, movement, touch, and visualization, you will experience the mirroring of body, mind, and spirit. And this meditative presence doesn't have to stop when you leave the room--you will gain skills to cope with stresses as we weave these qualities into daily life.

Read a Somatic Meditation:
Cellular Fluid and the Quality of Be-ing
The Digestive System and Our Attitudes About Nourishment

Heart Journeys Group Meditation
It’s Meditation as Adventure, & I’m your tour guide! Travel into the Garden of the Heart and beyond to receive wisdom and guidance. You’ll visit with your spiritual support from within your own soul and from your spiritual helpers.
It’s a time for:
     • Support in community: a chance to share celebrations and challenges,
       if you want to
     • Deep connection with the Divine: within you and all around you
     • Peace of mind, assurance, and centering: we could all use some of that!
By Donation--give what is meaningful to you, and many blessings in return. No meditation experience necessary.

Nature Meditation Hikes
Bring a jacket, something to write on, and something to write or draw with, as we head out to the trails to connect with Spirit through nature. It’s a time of guided reflection, appreciation, de-stressing, receiving spiritual insight, and affirming the beauty around and within us. Suitable for some children.

Elemental Village Workshop

Are there villains in your thought space?!

Welcome to a place deep inside yourself called Elemental Village. Here your thoughts and beliefs come alive. There are Villains and there are Heroes. They have names. They take up residence. They take on life and energy.

They are our thoughts and feelings; our perceptions, our self-image, how we relate with ourselves and with the world. They survive only as long as we give them energy. Are there any hanging around that are no longer serving you? You just wish they’d leave? Any you want around that you can’t seem to get to stay?

You are the landlord of this village!

Landlords have the power to evict and admit. That is, you have the power to turn your life around, to change what isn’t working for you, to welcome what you want for yourself. This workshop includes an introduction to Elemental Village, discussion, identification of your residents, and a powerful guided meditation that will become a tool you can use at home.

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“I enjoyed the meditation. I love to "visit" my village–it brings me calm and peace.”


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